How To Clean A Leather Bag Properly

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You finally have that coveted bag, a brand-name bag whose leather quality is excellent. You want to make the most of your looks with it and you want it to last for many years in your closet. But do you know how to clean a leather bag properly?

The way you pamper your beloved bag will influence how it looks and how long you will be able to enjoy it. Applying a series of tips will keep it in perfect condition for as long as possible. Take note!

Care Of A Leather Handbag

Care Of A Leather Handbag

  1. Keep your bag in a cloth bag, usually, quality bags usually come with one, but if not you can make it yourself from cotton or take a look at a tutorial on Youtube. Another option is to store it inside a box wrapped in tissue paper.

2. To maintain the fluidity of the zipper apply natural wax on it, however, if it were to break most luxury and some premium houses include an after-sales service for this type of mishap. Or, they have a warranty period. However, ask and get out of doubts.

3. If you are not going to use your bag for a long time, it is advisable to stuff the inside with paper, not a magazine or newspaper, as the ink could stain the inside. Do not keep it in plastic bags for vacuum storage either, as this will not allow it to breathe.

4. Keep your bag away from light and humidity, a dry and dark place is the ideal place. Never ever leave it exposed to the sun, as it could wear out its precious color.

  1. If the bag is stored in a humid storage room, it should be aired every few days (2 weeks) to prevent the growth of mildew. The small silica gel bags that are usually provided by the manufacturer prevent the bag from getting damp. Don’t throw them away!

6. Arrange your bags in such a way that they keep their original shape without bending. And do not stack bags on top of each other.

7. Be especially careful with denim garments, if you keep the bag in contact with it, it can acquire its color.

8. It is recommended to moisturize the bag twice a year. Many firms market their own products to take care of your bags.

9. Do not use your bag as a travel suitcase loaded with things and overweight because you could damage the handles and also its shape.

10. Do not carry cosmetics lose in the bag, they could open by accident and cause a catastrophe. Use a plastic cosmetic bag.

11. Do not touch the bag with dirty hands or with hands full of cream.

12. To extend the time of use, rotate the bag with others.

Animal skins are permeable and water turns them dark, hence the abundance of waterproofing creams or sprays that repel liquids and, incidentally, protect from dirt. According to the manufacturers, they do not alter the original colors of the leather and do not hinder perspiration.

How To Clean A Leather Handbag

How To Clean A Leather Handbag

1. Use a dry white cotton cloth for everyday cleaning and wipe the surface carefully. 2.

2. If it rains and your bag gets wet, just dry it with a white cotton cloth and let it dry at room temperature. Do not use the dryer because it could leave marks!

3. Be especially careful with liquids, especially alcohol, perfume, or beverages, because if a drop of them falls on your bag it will stain.

4. If what has fallen is wine, immediately put an absorbent paper on the stain and then a mixture of milk make-up remover with a few drops of water and alcohol of 90 degrees mixed at 50%. In the case of ink, go to the nearest dry cleaner.

5. If your bag has suffered a small burn, rub the skin gently with a pumice stone and give light touches with the corner of a cloth soaked in oil.

6. If what has been stained is the inner lining of the bag, clean it with a wrung-out sponge and neutral soap, but do not dry it in the sun or near a heat source.

7. If chewing gum has stuck to it, wait until the gum has hardened and rub it with an ice cube placed in a plastic bag.

8. If the bag loses its softness and you want to use a product that is specific for this, without silicones or petroleum or derivatives.

  1. It is recommended to carry some wet wipes to clean small stains on the spot.

Cleaning A Handbag According To Your Leather Type

Cleaning A Handbag According To Your Leather Type 

It is very important to use a cleaning or maintenance product to distinguish the type of leather used in the manufacture of the bag. Because each leather has a different treatment:

Some exotic skins are prone to dehydration, and it is advisable to nourish them more thoroughly. “Alligator, crocodile, alligator, and ostrich should be cleaned with a cotton ball or, better yet, with a microfiber cloth soaked in a few drops of cleansing milk.

As for python skin, which is more delicate, a cleaning cloth and cleansing milk are sufficient, being careful not to go against the open scales.

Bovine, deer, goat, and lambskins are also shiny with a cloth and cleansing milk applied in circular movements.

On the other hand, nubuck, suede, and velvet require a brush with soft and abundant bristles to clean and lift the hair from the skin.

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